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What are the major reasons people need physical therapy?


physicaltherapyinTemeculacaPhysical therapy is a rehabilitative health program that uses exercise and specially designed equipment to help people who have sustained injury regain their physical health. Whether you have a simple injury or a complicated neurosurgical disorder, physical therapy can drastically reduce pain and help you improve your overall health. This program helps patients improve  their current conditions which may otherwise limit their ability to carry out their normal activities.

Let’s talk about the common reasons people use physical therapy:

Sports related injuries are exceedingly common among athletes. These could result from training mishaps, warm up methods that are incorrect or trauma as a result of falling down. If you are a victim of any of these, then immediate care should be taken to prevent any complications. This is where physical therapy can help.  A professional therapist would be in a position to reverse any danger that may cause partial or permanent physical disability.

Individuals who have undergone surgical procedures need physical therapy services too. This is largely because one may need professional muscle conditioning after or before undergoing certain types of surgery. During the healing process, the services of a physical therapist may help patients heal faster and make a full recovery.

Chronic diseases such as arthritis may make you a perfect candidate for a physical therapy program. Arthritis largely occurs due to joint inflammation. When this happens, then you need the attention of a professional therapist to work on exercises which can help you relieve pain and increase mobility in your joints.

People who have been involved in auto accidents should also consider our services. Sometimes, you may fail to get the best medical care due to financial problems, thereby developing serious health problems that may put your life at risk. If this is the case with you, then you should definitely look into therapy services which are covered by most insurance plans.

Therapy helps people who have balance or mobility problems. This is a problem that cuts across all ages. Through physical therapy, such people are able to carry on with their normal lives such as walking and performing household tasks, thereby enabling them to enjoy life to the fullest.

Children with special needs can also benefit. Kids under pediatric rehabilitation need specially trained therapists to offer a customized treatment program.  At All Star Physical Therapy, we do just that.  We will cater to the needs of your child and present you with a detailed plan of how we can help.

Sprain and other muscle injury victims may find therapy effective for relief and rehabilitation. Muscle injury, particularly located around the arms, feet, ankles and shoulder is not only painful, but can cause permanent temecula physical therapydisability if not professionally attended to.

Lower back pain is one of the leading reasons why people need physical therapy. It generally stems from muscle and ligament strain among other causes.  The right therapist can properly diagnose the problem and come up with an effect plan to treat it.

Children with joint and muscles weaknessesalso need physical therapy to enable them cope with such issues. In such cases, therapists use a variety of time tested and customized exercises such as balance and coordination and stretching to assist them in increasing their strength.

Another leading reason why people need this service is to enable them deal with problems arising from abdominal pressure. Those suffering from this condition are at high risk of suffering from incontinence. However, there are several techniques that can be employed to strengthen the pelvic muscles, thereby stopping the problem.

Neuro-rehabilitation is another cause for specialized treatment. On average, physical therapy techniques are used after incidents such as head injury, stroke and spinal cord injury to help with the healing process.

A Final Thought

Regardless of what type of injury you have sustained, the importance of  finding the right therapist for you should be your top priority.

If you live in the Temecula, CA area, you should definitely visit All Star Physical Therapy for a consultation.  They have years of experience in all the previously mentioned areas and their friendly therapists will work hard to get you healed as fast as possible!